cabecera aguacate


aguacate hass

Hass has an oil content of between 18 and 22 %. In addition , the proportion of water is low , barely 60-70 %. Its content of vitamin B complex and vitamin E is considerable

Both the fruit and the seed are relatively small , with a combined weight between 200-300 g . The skin is somewhat leathery , rough , green to blackish slightly when in the tree, once harvested is become a purplish black as the fruit softens when ripe , so that consumers recognize the optimal time to consume .

The fruit is of excellent quality, no fiber, high resistance to transport and postharvest longevity. The pulp of the avocado has the remarkable property to help eliminate the “bad” cholesterol ie LDL density, which helps reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, the dreaded disease of sedentary world today and additionally , there has been a beneficial effect in patients with asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.


aguacate fuerteWidespread, soft skin light green with light spots that does not change color with maturation . The skin yields to gentle pressure when the fruit is ready for consumption. Its flesh is buttery , creamy with a slight greenish tint. Has an elongated pear and lots of flavor . Weighs approximately 250 grams. The seed is medium in size and very easy to peel.

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