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Our products have been certified under international quality standards ensuring their compliance with the most demanding markets .

All our product is certified Global Gap. We work on providing products and presentations that require a high level of expertise knowledge of all parts of the supply chain to ensure the quality of these on arrival and proper life .

Our company believes customer treatment and service they are given the essential part of the relationship and work on this with the aim of developing a draft long-term covering all the required needs. With easy vocation for relations in a globalized world , providing the best products at all times and from the right to the most demanding markets , with greater efficiency, origin guarantees compliance with all international quality .

This quality in both, the product and the service, make Latinfarmsfood a consolidated marketing of horticultural products in continuous expansion and growth, not only in new markets , but also increased their share of production and supply companies in established markets .

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We work catching up, ensuring service and quality.

Backed by our industry experience, our knowledge of the product, from production, transportation, destination and quality requirements. We control the various sources to ensure continued supply the best quality, optimizing the transport in terms of time, quality and economy. All thanks to the deep knowledge of the areas of production, target markets and logistics system.