cabecera esparrago blanco

The asparagus has become the main agricultural product with a higher air export in Peru. This country has thus become one of the most important producers and exporters of this vegetable in the world. Production is largely based on the white asparagus, mainly oriented to canned storage, and the green asparagus, which is sold largely fresh. The top importing countries of Peruvian green asparagus are USA, Spain, the Netherlands and United Kingdom, who are the main target countries for the export of this vegetable. Other markets like Australia and Asia display important season demands.

Peru offers significant competitive advantages in comparison with other exporting countries, as it has a highly favorable climate and a high-level performance as regards geographical location, which is not present in other places.

Most of the crops are located along the coast of Peru, particularly in the areas of Ica, Lima, Ancash and La Libertad. This dispersion of productive areas allows them to have production all throughout the year, which becomes an important advantage over other exporting countries of asparagus.

The perfect complement to keep the highest level of quality and service to the customer is the support from the Mexican asparagus during the months of February, March and April.

The Asparagus Industry applies quality standards that allow to obtain extraordinary products, proved by the constant international demand and certified by the most demanding quality protocols.

white asparagus season